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This game has great potential, loves the graphics. Cant wait for the released!

Watch Markiplier playing it! 

fun little horror game!

Watch Jacksepticeye playing it! 

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Gave the game a shot!

Wouldn't have made it without my soccer ball :P

Come play soccer with grandma in Dim, a new playable demo on She's pretty good at it!

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There was some good tension all the time. Looking forward to play the complete version! Keep up the good work :)

Nice horror game!  I got jumpscared quite a bit in this game.  I liked how the game had like a static/grainy effect as well. 

Some of the videos that i found on Youtube

It needs some work but it has good potential and is a good demo experience.

The last clue took me a while to figure out. Once you know it it's easy but it's just so uncommon in a horror game 😊

Good job! 

I think you did a great job with this short demo. The only little quip I have is the jumpscares I didn't feel they were dramatic enough. The only thing that really got me was when they cut the power. I enjoyed this a lot though!

Simple game, has it's moments. Needs a bit of work.

I have played it in my latest 3 random games :)

As much as I loved the style, it needs some work... but hey, atmosphere was great! 

man this game was jumpy! XD the graphics were really nice and the woman was super eerie! i want to play more on this game! :D awesome job on making this game :D 
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nice. Like the graphics and atmosphere. Story intrigued me a bit as there were enough clues to make me think I might have some idea of the bigger story. Looking forward to seeing the full version.

keep up the great work, really liked the old graphic style, definitely made the atmosphere more appealing and creepy. the jump scares really got haha. didn't experience any problems it ran smooth.  this game outta the three i played definitely almost made  jump outta my seat. creepy sounds and creepy vibes were well put into this little demo. keep up the great work. i made video for it. it's the first game in the video. thank you for checking out the video!

Really nice demo that I hope gets fleshed out more. The old school design seems to play well, and the soccer ball "puzzle" was actually pretty neat. Plus it got a good scare or 2 out of me which most of my recent games haven't been able to do.

Really enjoyed the demo. Can't wait to see the finished game!

Awesome demo, i look forward to the full product, great job!

Don't Drop Cross

I feel there's a lot of opportunity in this game. Was I correct in thinking that a main mechanic would be physically moving things with the player? if so I think friction on objects should be reduced a touch. A tip on creating good scares would be restricting camera view a bit. Otherwise this seems like a good basis!

Your game starts at 12:50

I enjoyed it! And I put a goal!

This game was literally incredible, and for a DEMO no less! It got me good several times. Kinda stumped me there for a short minute finding what I needed to find, but it is one of the best indie games I have played yet! Well done! 

For how short this game is it's really cool, and the jumpscares actually got me 😃 Really looking forward to the full game 

Sincerely one of the best DEMOs i've played... gave me quite a spook. Can't wait  for the full release! KEEP IT UP! <3

Fun little demo. Looking forward to the full game!

My channel: (opens in new tab)

Can't wait for the full game!

Gave it a go...

While the game is good, I ran into a major issue with the ball being wedged into the corner of the starting area. Maybe if there was a ball on site where I needed to push it, then it would help alot. (Note: I played the 1.1 version of the game. So this may have been fixed already. But beyond that, it's an interesting demo. 

Here's my channels for all other games I have played.

Very nicely done! I loved the 90's feel and I think this game looks very promising.  The only bug I experienced was with the soccer ball but I didn't notice any other bugs.  Keep up the great work!

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Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and I was pretty surprised with how decent this demo was. I experienced no issues or bugs (Other than the door being a pain to move and some grammatical errors) It gave me RE7 vibes, low budget and pixelated RE7 vibes, which isn't a bad thing personally. Easily the scariest game of the 3 in the video. It does lack some interaction and some core features like sprinting and jumping and i can definitely see this game getting boring if it's just a "Back and forth, waiting for something to change/happen" But, it wasn't bad and i'm curious to see where the game goes from here, i'm interested. Btw, you might want to edit the last tier donations reward. They're not getting the game for free if they're paying $8. You can check out my playthrough for a more in-depth review below. it's the last game i played. 

Heya! Any way to play in a window as opposed to fullscreen?


Currently no but I will consider adding that option in the next build alongside with some minor fixes!

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